Friday, November 28, 2014

4 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns with Videos

Learn basic stitch patterns to make a neckwarmer from

It's so chilly out there so stay warm with a crochet scarf.  Below there are 4 free Crochet Scarves that come with video instructions.  Below are the video URL and the blog post for that pattern.

I consider them beginner scarves. 

#1: Crochet Crumpled Griddle Scarf

#2:Crochet Lacy Shell Scarf
This one may look difficult but it only looks that way because of the taller stitch. It uses Half Triple Crochets. It alternates between doing a HTC Shell and 1 single HTC. You're just skipping stitches in-between that creates the lace effect.

If you download the PDF it will also include a photo tutorial. So you have a written, photo and video tutorial. All 3.

#3:Crochet Flat Bobble Scarf

#4: Traditional Crochet Seed stitch scarf

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