Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crochet Video Tutorial: How to do the Single Crochet

The Single Crochet is the short of all the stitches. The video can be found here 

If you want the steps on how to  do the single crochet these are the steps:
Step 1: Insert your hook into the next stitch.
Step 2: Yarn Over
Step 3: Pull through
Step 4: YO pull through both loops.

If you're a beginner this is the first basic stitch you want to learn. I wrote a pattern down below so you can see what a pattern looks like and the wording used.

At the second row you will chain 1. That's because you need it to be as tall as the other Single Crochet's in the row.

Hook Size is up to you.

Instructions for example:
Chain 15 or any amount needed.

Row 1: Go into the 2nd chain from hook and do 1 sc.  Do 1 sc in each stitch across the row
(14 sc made)

Row 2: ch1, do 1 sc in each stitch across the row. (14 sc made)

repeat row 2

Note: If you chained 20 you would crochet 19 sc. If you chained 30 you would make 29 SC's. That's because you skip 1 chain at the beginning of the first row.

Gauge for Single Crochet: 20 sc with an I Hook is 44 inches.

If you have any questions for me leave a comment

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