Sunday, October 5, 2014

Crochet Video Tutorial: Cozy Crochet Winter Flat Bobble (Cluster) Scarf

Crochet Flat Bobble (Cluster) Shell Scarf Pattern 
up close

Video for the Flat Bobble Shell can be found at

This is a beautiful crochet pattern for a scarf. It will keep you warm in the fall or winter. It's made using a Flat Bobble Shell stitch. Yes flat, not the traditional ones. It has a beautiful texture. I like to do patterns that are easy enough for a beginner and is something different they can try. It's also great for someone who is experienced. 

You will be alternating between doing a row of the Flat Bobble Shells and a row of a group of 3 double.crochets. I know it's hard to see but it will make more sense when you start. It creates a lace type effect.

Uses a multiple of 4 + 3 chains.
Hook size:I
chain 23 
Swatch: 11 inches high and did 14 rows = 1 1/4 rows per inch
                7 inches wide= 3 1/4 sts per inches

Length: 56 inches long by 7 inches wide

Bobble (aka Cluster - all in the same stitch): Insert hook in the stitch indicated, Yo pull through. YO Pull through 2 loops. Repeat 2 more times then YO and pull through all 4 loops.

Bobble Shell = (Bobble, chain 3, Bobble) all in same stitch
YO = Yarn Over

TCH = the turning chain --->  How to video link can be found at

Ch3sp = Stands for a chain 3 space

Chain 23
Row 1: Do 1dc in 4th chain from the hook. Do 1dc in each of the next 2 chains, *chain 1, skip 1, 1dc in each of the next 3 chains *repeat to last chain and do 1dc in it

NOTE: As you can have groupings of 3dc's. You are doing a Bobble Shell in the center dc of each of those groupings. The exact instructions are written out. You are ending with 1dc in the TCH.

Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as first here and throughout. Skip 1st dc, Do (Bobble, ch3, Bobble) in next
stitch *Skip 2dc, do Bobble shell in next dc * repeat to last 2dc and do 1dc into TCH

Row 3: Chain 3, Do 3dc into 1st ch3sp. *chain 1, 3dc into next ch3sp * repeat to last 2dc and do 1dc
into TCH

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for as long as you want your scarf to be.

If you ever have any questions feel free to leave a comment. 

Again, video can be found at
The Turning Chain video can be found at

Thanks so much!!


  1. I made this scarf last night (in lime green!!!) and really like it. It was an easy pattern but interesting enough not to put me to sleep. Very cute pattern. I think that the bobble instruction should read to YO, insert hook in the stitch indicated etc etc. It took me a few times to realize it was missing the initial Yarn Over.
    Thanks for the great pattern!

  2. I am done with my first flat bobble stitch crochet scarf. How do I end it to look like it started? I want my ends to match.


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