Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Criss Cross Throw Blanket

I enjoyed making this blanket SO much that I didn't want to stop! I also wanted to change it up a little from my original Criss Cross pattern I used on my neckwarmer so I added a row of Back Loop Double Crochets. It frames the Criss Cross very nicely!

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This Throw Blanket is 33.5 inches wide and 50 inches tall. It was very quick to make. I used Caron One Pound yarn to make this beautiful throw blanket.

Chain: 101 or any odd number of chains
Rows: 53

Size: 33.5 inches wide by 49 inches tall
Gauge: 1.1 rows per and 3 stitches per inch
Yarn: Caron One Pound, Sky blue ( 1 1/2 skeins needed)

Approximately 1100 yards needed
Hook Size: I

sc =Single Crochet
dc = Double Crochet
TCH = turning chain

ch101 or any odd number
Row 1: Do 1 SC in the 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across
Row 2, 3, 4, 5: ch3 (is the 1st DC) , *skip the next stitch, 1dc in the next, 1dc in skipped st*
Rep to last stitch, do 1dc in it.  
In rows 3-5 that "last stitch" is done in the TCH.
Row 6: Chain 3 (is the 1st DC) in back loops only do 1dc in each stitch across the row 
ending in the TCH

 Repeat 3-6

Layout of the blanket......
Row of SC
Criss Cross Row
Criss Cross Row
Criss Cross Row
Criss Cross Row
Back Loop DC's
Criss Cross Row
Criss Cross Row
Criss Cross Row
Back Loop DC's
(The bold text is what you will be repeating)

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Please do not claim this pattern as your own. It is an original pattern I created. 
You can post the pattern but please also link to this post at
Please do not sell items made with this pattern. 

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