Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Crochet Video+Patterns: How to do the Seed Stitch + Multiple Patterns

Video Crochet Pattern: The Seed Stitch

I have a new video on Youtube called the seed stitch. I have made many items using it. It's one of my favorites especially when changing colors. You can really see the design better. 

I have a link to all of my seed stitch pattern and a link to my video.

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  1. Hi Heather, I'm a beginner and I'm confused. In row two the last instruction before the * is "skip 1 stitch." I watched the video and you ended the row with 1 SC and 1 DC in the last stitch of the row. Should the row end with a "skipped" stitch or a 1 SC and 1 DC in the last stitch?

    1. Hi,
      You keep repeating the instructions in between the * and end with a SC and Dc in the last stitch.
      If you need anything else let me know.