Monday, October 10, 2016

Crochet Video: Openwork Scarf Crochet Pattern

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This is a great new crochet scarf pattern. It's getting cold out there for most of us. Video included.  The video can be seen at

You need an even number of chains to complete the scarf. 

Hook Size: I/9, 5.50 mm, UK5

7 1/4 inches wide = 3 1/3 stitches per inch
Chain 24 or any even number

Row 1: do 1 sc in the 2nd chain from the hook and in each chain across the row.(23sc)

Row 2: ch4 (first DC and ch1) (naturally skip the base of the chain 4 then...)
skip the next SC, 1DC in next SC *ch1, skip 1, 1DC in next SC. repeat from the * to the end of the row.

Row 3: ch1, 1SC in 1st DC, 2SC in each chain 1 space across the row 
(that includes that chain space right under where you just did the SC.)
End with 1 SC in the last chain 1space formed by the ch4 from previous row, then do 1SC In the TCH.

Row 4: ch1, do 1SC in each stitch across the row. 

Repeat rows 2-4 for the remainder of your scarf.


  1. I'm finding that many many of these 'teaching videos' do not tell you hovv much yarn you vvill need for the completed project. VVhy is that? thx, k

  2. My most favorite pattern so far! Easy enough for me but not boring just like you said! I love it!

  3. Hi Heather, I really loved the pattern. I'm trying to make it for my daughter. I'm a beginner, so it would be great if you can specify the yarn and the no. Of skeins you have used so I can order them. Thanks in advance.


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