Monday, October 10, 2016

Crochet Video: Beautiful Easy Crunch Shell Stitch Scarf

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This is a beautiful stitch to create a scarf with. It's called the Crunch Shell stitch. The Shell consists of a Single Crochet, Half Double and Double Crochet all in 1 stitch.

You can also use scarf patterns for blankets just increase the amount of chains. You just need a multiple of 3 stitches.

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Hook I
Multiple of 3 chains needed

Ch24 = 7 inches
3 1/2 stitch per inch
5 rows = 2.75 inches

Shell is (1SC,1HDC, 1DC) in the indicated stitch

Row 1: Shell in 4th chain from the hook. *skip 2 chains, Shell in next chain* repeat between astericks until 2 chains remain then skip 1 chain then 1 DC in the last chain.

Row 2: ch3, *Shell in next DC (which is the first stitch of the group). Skip HDC, SC* repeat doing 1DC In TCH

Repeat row 2 for the rest of the pattern.

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