Saturday, October 29, 2016

Crochet Video: Easy Shell Post Stitch Scarf

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It's getting cold out there, winter is coming, and it's time to stay warm so try this very easy Post stitch Shell Crochet Scarf. There are only 2 stitches, The shell and a post stitch. The shell stitch is done in the center of each of the previous rows shells and the same with the post stitches. The video link is below to see how ti's made. 

Shell Post stitch Scarf
Multiple of  6+5 chains
If you add 5 chains you add 1 shell to the pattern.
Hook size: I

Chain 29
7 inches = 4 sts per inch. 
1 2/3 rows per inch

Shell is (2dc, ch1,2dc)
dc = Double Crochet.                                              
ch = chain
FPdc = Front Post Double Crochet
BPdc = Back Post Double Crochet
TCH = Turning chain

Row 1:
1dc in 4th ch from the hook. *skip 2ch, shell in next, skip 2 ch, 1dc in next ch. * rep 3 times more. When you have 1 chain left do 1dc in it.

Row 2:
ch3,  *FPdc in next DC, do shell in center of next shell, *
rep end with 1FPdc in 2nd to last stitch, 1dc in TCH

Row 3:
ch 3,
*BPdc around the next post stitch,shell in center of next shell, *
End with 1BPdc in the next post stitch, 1 DC in TCH.

Repeat rows 2 and 3

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