Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crochet Video: Brick Crochet Stitch Pattern

Learn the Brick Stitch Crochet Pattern

 This new stitch is a lot of fun to crochet.  So easy and fun to do.......and quick! I like to show stitch patterns because you can turn it into anything. Make a scarf, head band, ear warmer, blanket etc...

Brick Stitch Crochet Video Tutorial:

Gauge: Chain 19 = 6 1/2 inches wide 
                   5 rows = 2 3/4

Hook Size : I
Level: Beginner

Chain 19 
multiple of 4 plus 3 chains

TCH = Turning Chain  (click for instructional video at
Ch3sp = chain 3 space
DC = Double Crochet
* - Repeat the instructions between the astericks.

Row 1: 1 dc in 4th chain from the hook, 1DC in each stitch across the row.

Row 2: chain 1, 1sc in first stitch, *ch3, skip 3sts, then right after that 3rd skipped dc do 1sc. (The SC takes place in-between stitches not IN a stitch) * repeat to last 4 stitches then do ch3, skip 3, 1sc in TCH. 

Row 3: chain 3(counts as first dc) Do *4dc  in each ch3-sp. Do 1dc in last stitch 

Repeat Rows 2 and 3

My Crochet Video Playlist can be found at:

How to Crochet Video: The Turning Chain- just go to

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  1. Love this!! Perfect for a baby blanket. It whips up in a flash!! Thanks for your videos =)

  2. Hi is it multiples of 6 plus one more? Or is it 19 then add 6's?!
    I'd like to do a baby blanket Dawn C what size did you do?

  3. You didn't show how to use two colors.

  4. I see the sample piece edges are not uniform. Because of this, would it be appropriate for a scarf?


  5. I made a lapghan with this stitch. I used the colors of the gay pride flag. The rainbow spectrum of colors made this a colorful and fun and the stitch added texture to the finished product.


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