Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chunky Scarves for men

Half Double Crochet scarf

Men's Crochet Scarves

These were made for Charity November Bazaar.They are more geared towards mens scarfs. They are made with Half Double Crochets. Very easy and fast.

Yarn Used: 1 skein of each color per scarf, Lionbrand Wool-Ease Chunky.
Size: 8 inches wide x 56 inches long
Hook Size: K

  • Each color section is 6 inches long (12 rows) so change yarn every 6 inches. To change yarns when you get to the last stitch complete it with the new yarn.
  • The chain 3 does NOT count as first hdc
Stitches Used: chain, Half Double Crochet

Skill Level: EASY

Chain 19

Row 1: go into the 3rd stitch from hook and do 1 hdc, do 1 hdc in each stitch across the row (17 hdc)

Row 2: chain 3, do 1 hdc in each stitch across the row
Repeat row 2

Stay Warm!

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