Thursday, February 25, 2016

Video Tutorial: Triple Crochet Diagonal Scarf

Triple Crochet Diagonal Scarf/Stitch pattern
This is a great stitch pattern that ANYONE can make. It's very simple and interesting at the same time. Great for a beginner crocheter.  Check out the video, link below, and the pattern under it.

Hook Size: I
12 rows = 10.5 inches
Width: 7 inches (ch 29)
Yarn: Caron 1 pound...Tan, Blue, Cream
Gauge: 4 1/8th chains per inch and 1 1/8th  row per inch

  • TCH – Turning Chain
  • TR – Triple Crochet
  • DC – Double Crochet
  • ch3 – Chain 3
or Multiple of 7+8

Row 1: go into the 4th chain from the hook and do 2TR in it. *Skip 3, 1 DC in next chain, ch3, 1 TR in each of the next 3 chains* rep to last 4 then skip 3 and do 1 dc in the last chain.

Row 2: Chain 3, (counts as 1st dc) Do 2 TR in the same space as the chain 3. *skip 3TR, (1DC, ch3, 2TR) in chain 3 space. 1TR in the next DC* Repeat end with Skip 2 and 1DC in the TCH

Repeat row 2


  1. I love this pattern and I want to make a blanket but I can't figure out the multiple. Can you let me know what it is please

  2. I love this pattern and would like to make a blanket but I don't know the multiple. Could you tell me what it is or even tell me how to figure it out.

  3. As far as I know that’s how you figure out how many chains or sts needed in the foundation row. Is that what you mean?


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