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Crochet Video Tutorial: Crochet Slant Stitch Pattern

       Turning chain video included along with this one

Crochet Slant Stitch Pattern with Video
Written Pattern Below

This is a great Crochet stitch pattern. It uses basic stitches but it has a twist. What you're doing in general is skipping a chain /stitch then doing 1DC in each of the next 3 chains/stitches then doing a DC in the skipped stitch.

Slant Stitch video at 
Turning Chain video (if needed):

Hook :I
Gauge: Swatch was 5 inches wide (chain 17) by 8 inches tall (which uses 16 rows)
             so 3.5 sts per inches and 2 rows per inch
*  (astericks) : You need to repeat the instructions between the 2 asterisks. I bolded the text.

Multiple of 4 +1 changes needed
I chained Chain 17 for 3 slants, (chain 25 for 5 slants)

Row 1: Do 1sc in the 2nd chain and in each chain across the row. (16 single crochets.)

Row 2: Ch3, 1dc in next stitch, *skip 1 st, Do 1dc in each of the next 3 stitches, YO insert hook into the skipped st and pull up a loop even with the hook (YO draw through 2 loops)x2 *
repeat to last 2 stitches and do 1DC in each. Ending in the turning chain (3 slants made)

Row 3: Do 1sc in the first stitch and in each stitch across the row. 

repeat rows 2 and 3

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for the entire pattern. 

My Crochet Video's/Play list can be found at

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