Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crochet Video tutorial: Alternate Seed Stitch Pattern

Alternate Seed Stitch
Video of this pattern can be found here

Pattern below

This is a stitch pattern that has great texture. It's very similar to the traditional Seed Stitch. You are still doing a single crochet and a double crochet. You're just not doing them in the SAME stitch. You just alternate between the two stitches.

This pattern is great for a beginner because it's something other then just doing one stitch but also great for someone more experienced. It definitely does not bore.

I changed yarns so you can see how it looks when you do. It looks as good as the traditional seed stitch.

Beginner Skill Level
Hook Size: I
Gauge: 3 sts per inch and 3 3/4 rows per inch.
Yarn: Worsted weight Yarn

Chain 18
Multiple of 2+2  (any even #)

Row 1: go into the 2nd stitch from hook and do 1sc in it. *Do 1dc in the next stitch, do 1sc in the next stitch* Repeat from * to * 

Row 2: chain 3 (counts as 1dc), *Do 1 sc in the next stitch, 1dc in the next stitch* Repeat from * to * across the row.

Row 3: ch1 *Do 1 sc in the first stitch, do 1dc in the next stitch* Repeat from * to * ending the row with a Single Crochet in the TCH.

Repeat rows 2 and 3

If you have any questions about this pattern please let me know.

Don't forget to see the video by clicking here
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  1. What does multiple of 2 + 2 mean? I want to make a blanket (for the couch) for my 10 year old niece? Thanks!