Sunday, September 15, 2013

Several Tips for Finding Yardage on a Crochet Project

Did you know you could use Algebra to figure out yardage 
helps you figure out if you have enough yarn?

Don't worry if you're not a fan of it just follow what you see below. Takes only a couple minutes.

I have a lot of time on my hands so I thought I would share how I determine how much yarn I used on a project. You could also use it to see if you have enough yarn for a project. Sometimes it's not as easy as multiplying 2 numbers together. I use it primarily for blankets but you can use it for other items as well.

When I crocheted a Baby Blanket I realized that Proportions could be used  to figure out how much yarn I used. Proportions are 2 fractions with an = sign in between them. I use so many different yarns and I also do a border. I also need to know how much yarn I used for sewing it together. It can get a bit complicated and I found that proportions were a perfect choice to figure that all out....and quickly.

((I did have another explanation when I first posted this but I wanted to explain something simpler. I didn't want to overload your brain.))


Let say I needed to know how many inches are 196 single crochets. I used an I hook and when I use that size hook I know that 20 Single Crochets = 44 inches. I did 20sc's and measured them, that's all there is to it.

So the question is.....If 20sc equals 44 inches then how many inches are used for 196sc's?

The proportion looks like this with explanation below.
20sc  =  196sc
44in          x

The left fraction is the information that we already know which is 20sc's = 44 inches. Put one on top of the other in the fraction.

The right fraction: The 196sc needs to be across from the other SC number (196). The inches also need to be across from each other. Since we don't know how many in 196 that is "x"....the unknown #. 196 on top and "x" on the bottom.

Now set up the fraction as seen above.

Time to Cross Multiply which means diagonally. 20 times "x" = 20x    AND  44 x 196 =8,624sc
So now you have 20x = 8,624

Now the Algebra comes into use......
Now Divide 20 on both sides so "x" is alone.
You have x = 431 inches
That is our answer which is almost 36 feet/12 yards

Measurements that I've done so far. More to come...

I Hook
20sc = 44 inches
20hdc = 67 inches
20dc = 88 inches

K Hook
20sc = 50 inches
20hdc =76 inches

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm more then happy to help. If you leave a comment it won't be seen by the public unless I approve it to be. You can leave your email address if you need me to figure something out for you. OR just email me at


  1. How do you get the first info - that 20sc = 50" of yarn? Is this something that's constant no matter the size of the yarn or is it specific to exact yarn/weight? Also, does this vary a little or a lot depending on the person doing the crochet?

    I'm a numbers person so I'd love to be able to accurately estimate yardage. The math is the easy part for me. It's the information to put in that I stumble on....

  2. I gave another example which might be easier to understand. In regards to your question...20SC equalling 50 inches is just the amt of yarn I'VE used. It depends on the size hook you use, the size yarn you use and how to crochet..tight or loose. You can do your own test to see how much yarn you use. It probably won't be much different with worsted weight yarn. Those dimensions are with a K hook. When I use an I hook it's 44 inches.


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