Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Grandmother's Granny Square Blanket

Full size photo of Granny Blanket

 This is my late Grandmother's Granny Square Blanket.
I finally have something of hers. She's been gone since 1995 and until now I had nothing of hers. I'm very sentimental so having something she owned makes me very happy.

My mother just started talking to her sister after 13 years of no contact. Long family fued. My mom told her I crocheted/knitted so when we saw her for the first time she brought this twin size Granny Square Blanket for me.  It was made by my her sister. So this is really old, like over 60 years, but looks like it was made yesterday! Blankets are my favorite because it's something I can use every single day.

 The squares are Traditional Granny Squares made up of 4 rows then a 1 row border of brown yarn, and sewn with it.  10 rows of 6 squares gives you 60 squares total. That's alotta squares to make.

 Very Vibrant Colors

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