Friday, August 17, 2012

Versitile Seed stitch Caron Tank Top / Vest

This is a Crocheted Tank Top  / Vest that I made for Knit-A-Square. 've never ventured into socks. You can knit or crochet items.

When I do the seed stitch I like to use more then 1 yarn so you can see the design it creates. But if you want it a solid color it will still look great! All you need to be able to do is a single crochet and double crochet. 

It consists of 2 rectangles and straps. The instructions are below but you can also download the instructions at the link below this.

Stitches Used: Single and Double Crochet
Front and Back, width = 13.5 inches x 17 inches (before straps)
Straps = 3.25 wide x 8 inches tall
Completed Rows: 42 rows = 17 inches high
Worsted Weight Yarn: Caron 1 Pound, Blue and Tan or any soft yarn
Gauge: 3.05 stitches per inches and 2.5 rows per inch
Hook Size: I / 5.5 mm
Chain 41 for front and back

The basic seed stitch pattern calls for an odd number of stitches.

Row 1: do 1 SC in second chain from hook,* 1 DC in next chain, 1 SC in the next chain* Repeat across the row

Row 2: chain 1, turn… skip 1st stitch (normally you don't but for this pattern you have an unused stitch every other stitch), *1SC and 1DC in next stitch, skip 1 stitch*    repeat across the row.
When you have 2 stitches left skip 1 and 1sc and 1dc in the last stitch

Repeat row 2

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  1. i think it looks comfortable all year round.
    thanks for sharing the pattern.

    1. Looks really nice. Gonna give it a try. Would love to see a video of you making
      ladies tops so we could follow along. Yep I'm new at this lol. Thanks


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