Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crochet Video Tutorial: Learn how to do the Triple Crochet

The tallest of all stitches

Learn how to do the Triple (Treble) Crochet. It's the tallest of all stitches. These are the basic instructions. You can chain as many as you need to.

There is a turning chain (new video on how to do the TCH click here) but I will show you an easy way to find it. Basically, all you do is go to the last "normal" stitch and go into the bump right after it. That's the TCH. If you're not sure if you've done it then you can count your stitches. For this pattern I chained 15 which means you should have crocheted 11 of them. If you count the skipped chains at the beginning of the row you should have 12.

Triple Crochet: Wrap yarn around your hook twice. Insert hook into stitch YO and pull through first 2 loops. YO and pull through the remaining 2 loops.

Row 1: Go into the 4th chain from the hook and do 1TR. Do 1TR in each chain across the row. (11 TR made)

Row 2: Chain 4 (counts as first TR). Do 1 TR in each stitch across the row



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