Saturday, January 31, 2015

Crochet Video Tutorial: Learn how to Crochet the V stitch (aka Rope st)

It's a beautiful stitch and very soft to the touch
New Crochet Stitch Pattern....Rope (the V-st) 

It's a beautiful stitch and very soft to the touch

This beginner level crochet stitch is called the Rope stitch. I guess you could call it a V-stitch. It drapes nicely. You can turn this stitch pattern into anything. You could make a blanket because of how thick the pattern is or use it for a scarf/neckwarmer/bolero.  Using a soft yarn would help a lot. I used Michaels "Loop and Threads" yarn. Gold color.

Video Link
Turning Chain video link

You need a multiple of 2 +1
The Swatch above is a Chain 19

The Video Swatch is Chain 15 
Size: 5.75 inches wide x 3.5 inches tall
Gauge: 2.5 chains per inches and 3/4th rows per inch
Stitches/ Used:
DC = Double Crochet

ch = chain
ch1sp = chain 1 space
* = repeat the instructions between the asterisks
DC = Double Crochet
TCH - Turning Chain

Hook Size: I
Skill Levels: Beginner

Row 1: 1dc in 4th chain, ch1, 1dc in the same chain, *skip 1 ch, (1dc, ch1, 1dc) in the next chain * repeat, ending with 1dc in last chain.

Row 2: Ch3, *(1dc, ch1, 1dc) in next ch1sp * repeat ending with 1dc in the TCH.

Repeat row 2

Turning Chain Video -

My Crochet Playlist is at: 

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