Friday, July 26, 2013

3 Blankets for Basset Hound Rescue Shelter

As I said on this blog post..I Crochet blankets for local animal shelters and these 3 blankets are on their way to a Basset Hound Rescue in WI. They consist of 12, 8 inch Traditional Granny Squares. I did borders around the bottom 2 photos and doing a border on the first blanket right now. I forgot.

They are all 25 x 33 inches in size. I hope that is big enough. It's hard to find out the size of that breed.

Go to The Snuggles Project if you are interested in making some blankets for the cats and dogs of local shelters.

I crochet granny squares until I find a shelter that can use them. You would be surprised to see how many shelters have a good supply of blankets....which is great!  Because of that I email the shelters that use The Snuggles Project and ask if they need any.

For more info you can go to my blog post  HERE that explains everything.

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