Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snuggles Project: Letting my scraps benefit animal shelters

One thing that I really enjoy is making Crochet items for charities. The Snuggles Project is a charity where you can make blankets for Animal Shelters. I have a lot of yarn , from garage sales, that I didn't use for personal items so I used some for these blankets. I also have a lot of  scrap yarn which was perfect for this. It doesn't take much yarn even if it were just for the first couple of rows.

****IF YOU ARE willing to fund the shipping of 1 or 2 blankets go towards the end of this post for more information. ****

What I'm doing is make granny squares until I find a shelter that needs blankets then I will sew them together. That's because I don't know what size they need to be until I find out what dogs will be using them. Cats are all the same size so you don't have to worry about that.

If you ever want to make some, even if it's just one, make sure you EMAIL the shelters to ask them if they need any because 2 out of the 10 shelters that I emailed actually needed them. GO TOWARDS the end of the post to see how to do that.

Granny Squares make great Pet Blankets (Snuggles Project) because

Size Guidelines from The Snuggles Project:
Small = between 16 x 16 and 20 x 20 inches {for Cats and Small Dogs}
Medium = between 20 x 20 and 32 x 32 {for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs}
Large = 32 inches + (Large Dogs)

If you're interested:
EMAIL THE SHELTERS like I mentioned at the beginning of the post. When you go to this link and choose the state, and city and get to the actual list of the shelters click on one. You will see some buttons. One of them says "Visit". That goes to the website. 95% of them have one. Find their "contact" link..again, if they have one. Ask them if they need any pet blankets. I put "The Snuggles Project" in (  ) just so they know why you're asking. 


Click Here if you want to search shelters by State. Just look for the snuggles icon next to the shelters name to see if they accept these blankets.  If you don't have time to search for one you can send it directly to:
Hugs for Homeless Animals
PO Box 231024
Portland, Oregon 97281-1024
Project Website: 

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