Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 Toned Seed Stitch Crochet Pattern

2 Toned Seed Stitch Crochet Pattern

I really like the seed stitch. I used 2 colored yarns so you can see how the stitch looks. I made a full size blanket/afghan with it.  You can find the afghan HERE.

Size: 6 in by 9 in
Hook Size: I
Yarn: Red Heart, Turquoise and White
Rows: 21

Gauge: 2.83 stitches per inch
            2.33rows per inch

Repeat * to *
Chain 17 or any odd number

Row 1: do 1 SC in second chain from hook,* 1 DC in next chain, 1 SC in the next chain* Repeat across the row

Row 2: chain 1, turn… skip 1st stitch (normally you don't but for this pattern you have an "empty" stitch every other stitch), *1SC and 1DC in next stitch, skip 1 stitch*    repeat across the row.
When you have 2 stitches left skip 1 and 1sc and 1dc in the last stitch

Repeat row 2
For stripes do 3 rows in each color

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